A full range of compliance, instructional and promotional literature
for your brand.

From creative services to prepress, high volume printing and folding, Apex Graphics can provide all the printed literature you need, when you need it.

And a quick call to 1-866-431-2739 can answer any questions and get you started on solving your printing problems.

Commercial Printing

Die-cut booklets, contest cards, manuals, stitched books, posters, pads…

We specialize in the design, development and production of a broad range of printed products used for instructional, informational, marketing and promotional purposes.

Our multiple, high volume printing presses, combined with a wide variety of finishing & specialty equipment and just-in-time logistics can meet any need.

Pharmaceutical and Specialty Printing

At Apex Graphics, we’re really good at making big things small.


Our insert products can be printed with up to six colours on both sides and folded in limitless configurations, including parallel, right angle, multiple right angle and knife folds.


Demands for increased information have lead to larger outsert products with more content. Our right-turn-angle outserts offer a perfect combination of larger standard paper sizes with the smallest and most compact outsert product.


We can combine and assemble up to six different items into one multisert. And we can easily handle bundling, twinserts and combination inserts.

Marketing Inserts

We design and produce PI’s to work effectively with details aids, slim jims, dosage calculators and all other sales and marketing collateral.